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The Madura suite consists of the following modules:


Most of these are from the Madura Vaadin parent project on github. They all prompt for a user and password. Use admin/admin or user/user. Most of these you have to build and deploy yourself, but a couple of them are on public servers (look for the online link). They are running on the cheapest server I could find so might be a bit slow. Each one has a demo script it is worth reading before you start or you'll miss too much.

Developer Tools


Every project has a PDF posted to Maven central along with Javadocs, binaries etc. So for more detailed information you should go there next. The Git repositories hold all the source, and they all build with Maven.


All of the modules are available as open source. All except Madura Rules carry an Apache 2.0 license which means you can use them anywhere you like without charge. Madura Rules carries an APGL license which means you can use it in any non commercial application without charge, but not in commercial applications. A commercially licensed copy of Madura Rules is available for a negotiable fee. Use the Contact to get in touch.

If you want to use the other Madura products commercially without Madura Rules there is no fee. You are also free to write your own rules (or other) plugin for Madura Objects.


All of these projects are written in Java. We use Eclipse as our development environment so they are all Eclipse projects as well as maven projects. The binaries, source and detailed docs are all uploaded to the Maven Central repository.
The name ‘Madura’ was chosen because it is an island near Java.
Madura was developed by Prometheus Consulting, a New Zealand based software consultancy.