Welcome. On this site you’ll find the following:

  • Madura, a suite of enterprise (JEE) components which change they way you think about business objects and business rules. Included is a rules engine and a workflow engine. The resulting applications are dynamic, driven by rules rather than ordinary code, and they have almost no API dependency on the Madura code, so there is very little to learn. The suite includes support for Vaadin, mobile applications, a workflow engine and more. All open source and published to the maven central repository.
  • Other Java projects. Some tools and useful libraries, Many of these were once part of Madura but they are more generally useful as well.
  • Electronics projects. These are various useful gadgets, spinoffs from our embedded work, often programmed in C++.

All projects are open source and almost all are covered by the Apache 2.0 licence, which means you can use them freely for anything you like. Source is all in github.