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I have been mostly working on Madura Rules lately but I took a little time out to update Madura Bundles and the schema builder.


The change of major version means it is slightly incompatible with the previous version. Specifically you no longer need to run the init method on the bundle manager (if you do call it nothing bad happens so not really incompatible). I also added a timer to the file scanner. This means it is ludicrously simple to add new bundles to a running system. You just copy the jar file into the scanned directory and wait. Good things happen.

I also simplified the docs a bit because the previous docs were written as I developed the idea and needed pruning down to just telling you what you need to do. I also simplified the examples a bit.


I added support for composite keys and a colleague verified that (after some changes) it works okay with Postgres as well as Oracle. We still don’t handle inheritance and ManyToMany relationships because there is just not enough information in the db definitions to derive them. So you still need to edit the resulting XSD file to finish off the exercise.

Previously the fetches were all set to EAGER but I changed them to LAZY. Of course you can edit this too, or adjust it with JAXB.

Edit: MaduraBundle has been moved to github.

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