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I set all 6 possum traps last night and for the first time all had an alarm attached (the alarms are described here). This morning I had a result. Not the expected result, but a result. When disturbed the traps produce a log as shown. This tells me there were 3 events in all. One by the pond at 21:46, another in the orchard around 22:20 and another back at the pond at about 01:20. When I looked at the traps there was…nothing. They haven’t been sprung.

So what happened? Aliens. Yeah it might have been aliens. But those two traps are the only two of the 6 that the sheep can get to. So most likely it was bumped by a sheep grazing near it in the night. I have noticed the sheep are often awake and grazing on moonlit nights, and it was a good moon last night. Though, of course, they might well graze on dark nights too, and we wouldn’t see them. It will be interesting to see if I get similar events on dark nights too.

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