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This replaces the headset I blogged about here.

The old headset suddenly stopped playing any base and went all faint. No, it isn’t my hearing, just not enough sound. It is still under warranty so I considered calling that in, but actually I am sick of the way it doesn’t stay in my ears when I walk, so I am constantly adjusting it. So, I got a new one, a different one. I got a Sony DR-BT21G, which is the sort that wraps around the back of my head and has pads over the ears rather than plugs that (are supposed to) stick inside my ear holes.

I’ve had it a few days and I’m quite happy with it. Things worth noting, though.

  • The instructions say to push in one of the buttons to pair it. I though it wasn’t working at first because you have to hold that button down for quite a while before it takes. Don’t give up too soon.
  • When I went walking the music skipped badly. The instructions say that when this happens it means it is trying to use a high bit rate and interference (various other radio sources) is messing the signal. I was able to switch to a lower bit rate and now it is fine, the odd skip, but not a problem.
  • The around the back of the head style takes a little getting used to. There’s a slight inward pressure on each side of my head and that gave me a headache the first day. I’ve been working up to longer and longer with it and now it seems fine. So just something to get used to.

Other than those, the music sounds fine, and it manages calls perfectly well. It is generally comfortable and easy to drive. I think it is mostly invisible too, in spite of the ear pads, because my hair is long enough to cover it. That means when I am out and about and talking on the phone people assume I have ‘the voices’. Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t actually get any real calls. Works for me.

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