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I got another gadget today.

One of the things I like to avoid doing is pulling my phone out of my pocket. I have ringtones defined for my frequent callers and voice dialing set up for them as well. Using the headset on my existing phone (SE G502) I can take calls and make them with one button press on the headset. It plays music through the headset and interrupts the music on incoming calls. This is all good.

I also use the phone to tell me the time in preference to wearing a watch.

But what it doesn’t do: well there isn’t a manual way to turn the music off or adjust the volumne without getting out the phone. Also the plug falls out very easily. I replaced the headset to try and solve this but it still falls out.

So I got an HBH-DS980. It is a headset with a little dongle attached that hangs around my neck.
It talks bluetooth to the phone (no plug) and has music controls, caller display, track display and time displays. Pairing it to the phone was a snap. Solves the above problems nicely.

It will probably suck more power. But so far it hasn’t.

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