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The new gadget is working out well. It doesn’t suck power, I can get a day’s use out of it as long as I charge it most evenings. I don’t sit listening to music all day anyway and, if I need it, I have a charger with me anyway.

I was a bit disappointed that my ring tones don’t come through the earpieces, just a generic ring tone. I assign ring tones to different frequent callers so I know who’s calling. However the caller name is displayed on the unit itself. I have just a little difficulty reading this without reading glasses, but I can, just.

The earpieces screw quite firmly into my ears which blocks out external noise very well. But it does mean when I want to talk to someone (other than on the phone!) I do have to pull them out. The wired headset earpieces were not so fitting but they did fall off until I made my own ‘ear hooks’. So this is just different, not necessarily better or worse.

But the good news is I can start keeping my phone in the belt pouch I bought for it long ago. The wired headset always got in the way when I tried it before. And I can pause the music without pulling out the phone, which was the primary goal.

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