My previous post covered how to specify rules for the Madura Rules engine. This post covers how to add Madura Rules to your application. First, we are assuming that your […]

My earlier posts described Madura Objects, which is a way to define Java objects that automatically call a validation engine whenever they change. A valid change is accepted and an […]

Last entry I explained how, when using Madura Objects, you generate your Java Beans from an XSD file. The resulting classes have code injected into them by the Madura Objects […]

I kept the previous post short because I know I never read long blog posts. So here is some more about Madura Objects. Recall that we generate Java using JAXB/XJC […]

I’ve just updated MaduraDocs. There are some minor cleanups in functionality but mostly tidy ups in the project structure making it easier to integrate into your ant projects. I’m now […]

I have just released a small open-source project onto google code called MaduraConfiguration. MaduraConfiguration is for those times when you want to distribute a packaged up application in a jar […]

I was given a file on a CD yesterday. It is a .pub file, so I think it is a Microsoft Publisher file. Now, why is it a good idea […]