I have just spent several days hunting down what should have been a trivial problem but, because it was well hidden, it turned into a monster. There was no need […]

The problem: an undefined number of classes that need to be added to a collection which is then injected into a class. Assume Springframeworks for the injection. The obvious thing […]

When you log stuff from a Java program if you really don’t know what you’re doing (or don’t care) you’ll use System.out.println(“something to log”). This not too bad for a […]

This week I had to do something with Java I haven’t done in a while. I had to build a small stand-alone application. It is to be deployed on a […]

I had to build a complex module this last week and hand it to another developer to integrate into the app. This reminded me of a usually unmentioned value of […]

I ran into an interesting problem last week concerning Threadlocal. This is a class in Java. The details are here. You save something in a ThreadLocal class, usually held somewhere […]

I use Eclipse for Java development and usually the target application server is SJSAS, Sun’s J2EE appserver. Sun seem to have trouble sorting out their naming of things sometimes. Recall […]