You can now run the Madura Perspectives Manager demo online from OpenShift. The details of just what Madura Perspectives Manager is can be found here. Once you’ve logged in (admin, […]

This announces the latest version of Madura Rules, part of my Madura toolkit. Madura Rules is a rules engine that plays nicely with Java objects, the rules refer to fields […]

Imagine you have a bunch of web applications you want to make available to your users. You want them all to share the same login and permissions. Actually you’d quite […]

I have been mostly working on Madura Rules lately but I took a little time out to update Madura Bundles and the schema builder. madura-bundle-3.0 The change of major version […]

I’ve been working on, and posting on, other topics but I did say I would mention I18n issues and how Madura Rules handles them. In fact the heavy lifting is […]

Say you have an existing database. You access it with JDBC and you maintain it with SQL scripts. Life is hard because you have to coordinate changes to the SQL […]

This one is about how to add external functions to Madura rules. First, let’s look at a rule with a built in function: formula: Customer “sum” { totalAmount = sum(invoices.amount); […]

This has been a while coming. Part 1 covered the types of rules available and part 2 was about how to configure Madura Rules using Spring. In this entry I […]