I decided it was well past time to take a closer look at JUnit4. If you are still using JUnit3 you need to know that JUnit4 uses annotations and, when […]

Lately I have been modifying some code other people have written. There are some things about writing Java that I consider fairly basic, but not so I find. I will […]

Hibernate is such a cool product. I’ve been using it a few years now but I was a bit slow starting because I didn’t connect the name with the function. […]

I am trying to output an XML Document (org.w3c.doc.Document) from Java. I always forget how to do this, somehow it doesn’t work with the way I think. So I googled […]

Last entry I explained how, when using Madura Objects, you generate your Java Beans from an XSD file. The resulting classes have code injected into them by the Madura Objects […]

I kept the previous post short because I know I never read long blog posts. So here is some more about Madura Objects. Recall that we generate Java using JAXB/XJC […]