Here’s the challenge. I have a private Nexus repository that I want to set up a formal approach to publishing artifacts to, especially release artifacts. The place I am working […]

A trick with JAXB

Last week I found a neat trick with JAXB2. The project I am working on at the moment is a mix of web services and database, and most of the […]

I am currently building an application that needs to use queuing. My usual response to queuing is to either roll my own (if the need is very simple) or reach […]

ILI9341 touch connector

I’ve been building a tiny connector board for an ILI9341 LCD. For the uninitiated this is the specification for a small display screen.What I am doing here is reproducing this […]

Trap Alarm Progress

I set all 6 possum traps last night and for the first time all had an alarm attached (the alarms are described here). This morning I had a result. Not […]

I needed to build a Java SOAP web service and, although I’ve done it before, it has been a little while and I wanted to use the latest approach. There […]

ESP8266 Automation

It seems everyone is building home automation projects with these cheap ESP8266 boards. So am I. This is mostly a pointer to the github page where all the source is […]