I’ve been working on this thing for the last few months and it is an update of something that I already had out there. The previous version required a lot […]

Over the years I’ve done a bit of work with Workflow or Business Process products. Not quite enough to learn the difference between the two but enough to know what […]

The ‘Anemic Data Model’ is regarded by some influential people as an anti-pattern. Martin Fowler describes it as ‘contrary to the basic idea of object-oriented design; which is to combine […]

I’ve re-deployed my demos. This is more interesting than it sounds, well I hope it is anyway. I’ve already posted about each of them. This is about the pain of […]

Here’s what I have been working on recently: Madura Workflow. At this point your eyes glaze over, of course, but let me assure you that this stuff is really neat, […]

Until recently I had always used ant and ivy to manage building my Java projects. It works well except for one really annoying thing. Actually maybe it is several. When […]

A while back I wrote something about delivering web apps as mobile apps and I have at last got around to building something to show it working. Most of what […]