This is about how to package an ear file so that it includes Drools rules. If that sentence means nothing at all to you then you might want to skip […]

This one is about how to add external functions to Madura rules. First, let’s look at a rule with a built in function: formula: Customer “sum” { totalAmount = sum(invoices.amount); […]

This has been a while coming. Part 1 covered the types of rules available and part 2 was about how to configure Madura Rules using Spring. In this entry I […]

My previous post covered how to specify rules for the Madura Rules engine. This post covers how to add Madura Rules to your application. First, we are assuming that your […]

My earlier posts described Madura Objects, which is a way to define Java objects that automatically call a validation engine whenever they change. A valid change is accepted and an […]