A trick with JAXB

Last week I found a neat trick with JAXB2. The project I am working on at the moment is a mix of web services and database, and most of the […]

I am currently building an application that needs to use queuing. My usual response to queuing is to either roll my own (if the need is very simple) or reach […]

I needed to build a Java SOAP web service and, although I’ve done it before, it has been a little while and I wanted to use the latest approach. There […]

I’ve just released a new Java project to GitHub. Actually this is version 1.1 so I guess it isn’t so very new. But version 1.0 is only a month or […]

I’ve spent most of today wrestling with this and it ought to have been easier, but everywhere I looked for instructions had lots of steps I didn’t need and almost […]

I’ve been working on, and posting on, other topics but I did say I would mention I18n issues and how Madura Rules handles them. In fact the heavy lifting is […]

I decided it was well past time to take a closer look at JUnit4. If you are still using JUnit3 you need to know that JUnit4 uses annotations and, when […]

Lately I have been modifying some code other people have written. There are some things about writing Java that I consider fairly basic, but not so I find. I will […]