open source

I’ve been working on this thing for the last few months and it is an update of something that I already had out there. The previous version required a lot […]

Not the snake, the language. Python is a popular scripting/interpretive language that uses object oriented structures, so as a scripting language it is pretty sophisticated. Not only that it is […]

I have been mostly working on Madura Rules lately but I took a little time out to update Madura Bundles and the schema builder. madura-bundle-3.0 The change of major version […]

I’ve just updated MaduraDocs. There are some minor cleanups in functionality but mostly tidy ups in the project structure making it easier to integrate into your ant projects. I’m now […]

I have just released a small open-source project onto google code called MaduraConfiguration. MaduraConfiguration is for those times when you want to distribute a packaged up application in a jar […]